Privacy Policy

The Company respects your privacy.

This page contains all the privacy statements that explain how the Company collects and uses your personal information. You are requested to take enough time and read this Privacy Policy cautiously. By using this website, you consent to this Company collecting and using your data in the manner described in this Privacy Policy.

If you have questions or concerns regarding this statement, you can reach us through the “Contact Us” section.

Through this document, we wish to make you:

  • Feel comfortable while using our website to find or post lyrics.
  • Feel secure while providing personal and other information.
  • Optimistic that you can always reach us if you have any questions or concerns about the privacy of this website.
  • Informed that by using our website you are agreeing to the collection of certain data which is stated in the page or other part of the website.

Personal Data Collection
There are two types of data that the Company collects while you use this website. It includes the information that you choose to share and the information that is automatically collected in the process of using this website.

Automatically Collected Data
Every time you use or access this website from your device or browser, the website receives some specific data from your device or browser. This information is sent to identify your device or browser for better usability. The information may include-

  • Your IP addresses
  • Date and time of access to this website
  • Hardware, software, or browser you use along with information about your computer’s operating system
  • Language settings of your browser or computer
  • Information about your clicks and the pages that you have visited or shown to you

On our website, we may partner with third-party advertising businesses that will show their ads. If you click on those ads, these companies may collect information about your online activity through methods like cookies and web beacons and use that information for their purpose. That information will not contain any of your personal information that may compromise the security of your account but the online activity yours.

Personal Data That You Share with Us
In order to use this website, there’s no requirement of registering an account. However, if you want to correct or submit any lyrics on this website, you will need to provide us your name so that we can give you credit on the page of the lyrics. Also, if you choose to open an account with us, you will need to share some personal information including your email address. Therefore, we want you to be cautious about what you want to share with us or make public.

Again, if you decide to reach us through the “Contact Us” section, you will need to provide your name and email address. We keep your provided data safe, strictly confidential, and do not sell, share, transfer or distribute it to any third party.

Personal Data Use
The Company may process the data that you have provided or collected while using this website, for a variety of reasons that are lawfully permitted under data protection laws and in accordance with this Privacy Policy. The purposes of the data collection are mainly related to fulfilling legitimate business interests which may include-

  • Managing our business needs, for instance; monitoring, analyzing, modifying, and improving the website’s functionality as well as performance.
  • Responding to users’ questions, comments, requests, complaints, and other communications.
  • Tracking user’s return visits and activity on the website.
  • Accumulating and reporting aggregate, statistical information in connection with the website and user for the Company, clients, business partners, etc.
  • Displaying advertising based on user’s activity on the website and other websites, services, and platforms users’ have used or visited.
  • Improving the services and their usage along with understanding the effectiveness of the advertisements that are being promoted to the users through the gathering of data by means of cookies and similar technologies.

In order to prevent security breaches, unauthorized access, distribution, changes, or elimination of data, the Company has taken all the necessary safety measures for lawfully and properly processing users’ data.

Personal Data Sharing
The Company may share the users’ data with third-party partners within the law regarding data sharing and the privacy policy of this website. The channels with whom the data might get shared are-

  • Services suppliers who carry out services on behalf of the Company and commercial partners who are involved in providing various services and features. There’s no need to worry as the third parties are bound by confidentiality agreements and are not authorized to use the collected data for other purposes than those communicated by the Company.
  • Competent authorities who are involved with ensuring compliance with any applicable laws, assessing breaches of contractual provisions with us, protecting the rights, properties, and safety of the company, users, or other parties, as well as identifying and solve safety complications.
  • Third parties within a merger or acquisition with the Company who is relevant to an asset, finance, or other activities that concerns both parties including the Company.

The Company has the right to share users’ information (except personal information including your name, password, email address, contact number, etc.) with third parties, for instance; advertisers, aggregate data that are non-personally identifiable or made anonymous.

In order to offer you our content for free and to keep growing our website, the Company makes money through advertisements. In that case, we need to allow other companies to use cookies, web beacon, and similar technologies of our website. These companies or third parties are able to collect data on conditions of use of our services over time and combine that data with comparable data collected from other websites or companies. This data is to be used to analyze and track data, identify the popularity of certain contents or understand your activities online, etc. for other purposes.

Retaining Your Personal Information
The Company securely stores all data of the website for smooth operation and any kind of necessity. There’s a specific data retention period and it changes on the basis of circumstances, such as; data nature, reason of data collection, process, and any other relevant legal requirements. The criteria used to determine the data retention period are in accordance with the terms allowed by any applicable laws and the policies of this website. The Company only keeps the data that are necessary for legal obligations and for no more than the time period required for such compliance.

User Rights
The user has the right to know about the existence of personal data that concern him, to assess the user’s content, accuracy, location (also with reference to any third Country), to ask for a copy of the provided data, to ask for the integration, correction, update and when supported by the applicable law, the transformation, restriction, cancellation in anonymous form or ban or block for law infringement.

The user can also reach us in the conclusion of any doubt of his that the Company does not have the right to use certain data and how his data are processed or on this Policy. In such circumstances, the user has the right to complain to the Company or any other responsible authority if he/she believes that the collection of users’ data and use of the data is carried out in breach of the applicable law.

The Company does not allow minors or people under the age of 16 to use this website. If any minor uses this website being unknowledgeable to the Company, he/she or the parents of the user will have to take risk of any kind of outcome including legal actions. The Company can’t be held responsible for this.

What options are available to you regarding the collection, use, and distribution of your provided information?
You have two options. You can either accept or decline the cookies. You should know that customizable websites require that you accept cookies in order to use those websites conveniently. It is also mandatory to accept cookies for registration. If you want to know how to set your browser to alert you to accept cookies or to reject cookies, you can visit

The purpose of cookies is to keep track of the information of the user. It is basically a short text file that is stored on a user’s computer to fulfill its purpose. This website contains cookies as well. It is required to save any personally identifiable information provided by you while using our website.

You are independent to reject cookies of our website and still may use our website. In that case, your access to some areas of our website will be restricted. Cookies are basically used for increasing security and preventing URL-based spamming. Even if we issue a cookie to your device or computer, we won’t have access to your personal information and find out who you are unless you willingly identify yourself (for example, through registration). The only personal information a cookie can collect and store is that you provide explicitly.

A cookie cannot access your hard drive, read data off, store data from the hard drive, and transfer it to any other party.

What are the safety measures to protect information from loss, misuse, or alteration?
All information that we collect from you or your activities, is securely stored within the Company controlled database. The database is connected to reliable servers that are secured behind a firewall; access to the servers is secured, password-protected, and is strictly limited. However, even though our security measures are quite effective, we must keep in mind that no security system is impenetrable. We cannot provide 100% guarantee of the security of our database nor can we guarantee that your provided information will not be hindered while being transmitted to us over the Internet and of course, any information provided by you in a posting to the discussion areas is publicly visible and available to anyone with internet access.

As the internet is an ever-evolving medium, the Company may revise the privacy policy from time to time for the betterment of the Company and the users of this website. Any information we collect from users will always be consistent with the policy under which the information was collected, regardless of what the new policy may say.

You should be aware of the fact that this website partners with third-party advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website. These companies may collect and use information (except your name, address, email address, or telephone number) about your activities on this website and other websites in order to provide advertisements of interest to you.

How can you correct inaccuracies in the information?
The Company allows you to edit, correct, update or delete any information provided by you through registration application, comments, postings, or any other channel at any time on this website.

Policy updates
At any time, the Company reserves the right to make any changes or update this policy(subject to any changes in prevailing laws, statutory regulatory orders, any Govt. order or any changes in our business policy, etc.) by placing a prominent notice on our website or maybe not. All the made changes or updates shall be effective immediately. If you subscribe to our newsletter service, we may inform you about all the updates on the website through email.

Contacting the Company
If you have any queries or concerns regarding the privacy policy of this website, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this website, you can reach us through the “Contact Us” section where you may need to provide some personal information of yours including email address. We will review your message and contact you if necessary, as soon as possible.